Friday, August 7, 2009

If you hate him so much, why don't u just stop being apart of my life,thank you.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Boo !

I miss me in my  leopard outfits and  being a party animal , drinking and partying all night long. 

Yeahh, beers, alcos :(

I also miss my feefee . 
He's in a mission now -.-
ps : i think he looks cute here. Just like a small kid :)

Elvina leong, cheer up and chin up. You'll be alright throughout your life. dont waste it away by doing silly / stupid/things. You're just destroying yourself and your mind. Think positive and never neglect your own life. Succeed while you can :)
I believe u can do better. 

Apparently feefee thinks tht this is the best picture he have took.

Ya, thts me on my way home from Melaka.

Wine is gooooooood.


I wonder when i'm gonna start blogging since my connection is A-OKAY :) 
but yeah, there's always a BUT.
Gah, i think i can bang wall now. 

I miss it so much. I wonder when i can ever take it back. 
I have been doing plenty of things lately. And i can't even post any of my pictures 

Can't wait to meet feefee later !

I just love walking ever step with you. 
I will never intend to let you drown in your tears.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm left dead on the floor. 
Crying my heart out so badly.
My heart's ripped open and it can't beat no more. 
I don't know what to say or what to do. 
I'm aching and it's getting ugly. 

I'm on my bed, thinking what i can overcome this fear and this patronizing feeling inside. 
Telling myself whether i should walk away from this disaster or just stay and suffer. 
I can't breathe, i can't talk, i can't smile, i can't laugh, i can't be myself anymore, i can't do anything cause all i have left is my broken heart. 
Why doesn't that person realise?
Why can't the person shed a tear? 
Is it because he/she is just to afraid to show his real feelings? 
 is this  a real world to live in?
I'm looking at myself and asking so many times whether i deserve to be alive. Cause i feel like dying. 
I feel like leaving everyone aside and leave the world. THIS NASTY UNFAIR WORLD. 
i really want to scream.
sos, where are you?

I'm hurt , deeply hurt. 
I really want to be the same Jessica.
TOO many problems in my life's occurring. That is what it is. 
All i wanna do now, is to die. 
i can't even stop crying. 

PS : 

I'm empty. I need you, i miss you, come to me and let me to tell you everything

to be continued....

Friday, June 26, 2009

will update a few of my outings when i come back or maybe when i have my free time ere. Hehe. I'm missing all the fun back in kl and most of all , i mish my boo :(
I know my blog's soooooooooo boring with the lack of updates, but when i get my own new blog, i'll start blogging. But for now, i'll just post a lil but of pics first.
Gah, i miss blogging so much. But cause of personal reasons and the annoying connection that turns my mood off, i suggested to stop for a while.
I have SO much to tell you readers.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

i wish i could find something better in you and i can learned absolutely everything about you.
Please teach me how to be the best girl you will ever have.
Because i am willing to take all the risk, priorities, the love, and effort to make us go through together to know the real feeling of love. 

Nothing is easy, we just have to try harder to take us to another good level and i promised you,
I will walk with you through every obstacles and painfulness whenever we have emotional breakdowns.

Just help me, help you. 
Help me make our love grow stronger. 
I really don't want to be in the same situation of tearing. 
i want us to be diff than others. I want us to stay in our circle and never look for others. 
You'll be the one i'll cherish and love. 
You'll be the one i'll carry in my heart every second of my life. 
You'll be the one i will brighten up your day whenever you're in a rough situation. 
You'll be the one i'll miss and think about everyday without stopping. 
You'll be the one i'll never forget cause you're the best person i ever met than any of the guys out there.
You'll be the one i will take good care of and promise you, i'll be extraordinary.  

I've so many things to say to you. TOO MANY actually. 
Most importantly, you can never fail me. You never rejected my heart. 
You're so precious that i could never had the initiative lose you.
I'm just afraid i'll be the job and everything's just a game. 
I hope you're the right one cause you make me believe in love again.

But sometimes, you're just hard on me and i don't know why. 
That's the problem why i'm suffering from sleepless nights these days. 
When love comes around, it will be the pain that ends with it. 

From the words of my heart, i wanna say, 

i really love you.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

And my life just seem to be getting better and better :)
Especially when my world revolves everything about you.
I love you.


I have so much to update. Urghhh.
Actually the pictures i post is only less than half of it. 
It's just a rush through pictures to update what i do for the past few weeks. 
Eventually, i have more to upload , but i'm too lazy.


Things are pretty getting complicating. But still, I'm having my splendid time with the love ones. 

* clubbing
*yumcha sessions
*sleep, surf, kill some movies, cook @ home. 
* short trips/holiday
*movies, cinema. 
*hang out at the boyfriend's.
*lunches and dinners.
*food hunting 
* leisure time around the city. 

and MORE. Lazy to elaborate , as usual. *ngek*

Most of time i'm with the boyfriend anyways and i've been spending my time with my old time friends :) 

For an example,

pasar malam moments.

Clubbing moments.

Deric .

Sexy natalie as always.
Met this hawt lady, Evon.

The girls.

: Melissa, del, steph and moi.

Drinking moments.

Yeah, been hanging out with her alot these days.

I heart you <3

My own doll :)

Will post more rush through pictures another day.
Gotta run !
xoxo !

PS : No other man could run as fast as you could to reach my heart.
Thanks for letting me into your life, baby.
You're so different and you do things that makes happiness run through my viens. You never failed my love for you. 

Your heart is so good that i couldn't even explain how pure it is.

I love you, completely :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

changing my link soon.
will update my link here. 
or, i'll just start a new blog and you guys can go blog hopping.

i'm so sick of my life.
Sleepless nights, tearing moments, heartache, break-down.

I really want someone i can turn to every single second of my life.